Get your employer brand and consumer brand on the same page

In our recent chat with Mark McCulloch for The Spectacular Marketing Podcast we began to dissect the components of a successful employer brand.

So what are they and why do they matter? (In the same podcast we also talked about our Nine Principles for A Successful Employer brand).

Firstly, let’s agree, your employer and consumer brand are one and the same thing. Or, two sides of the same coin, if you prefer. They start (or rather they should) in the same place. They define the value you provide and the experiences you create for customers and employees.

Now we’re agreed on that, what are the component parts?

  1. Why we exist – where you’re going as a business and why.
  2. Why we’re different – your organisation’s personality and how you show up, including how your values come to life every single day for customers and employees.
  3. Why we’re great – the benefits you offer customers and employees that set you apart.
  4. What we do – your core products and and services.
  5. Who we’re here for – who are customers and employees are.

When you deeply understand and truly commit to delivering on each of these components, you can start to capture, express and bring to life your employer brand across the employee experience. An employer brand that is authentically you, speaks to your people’s needs and expectations, and is 100% aligned with your consumer brand.



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