Driving change by
engaging people with
purpose and values

The challenge: 

To create a truly values-driven organisation
with our customer at the heart.

What we did:

In collaboration with WE ARE Spectacular, we ran 12 Achieve More
engagement workshops for 600 employees across four global regions.
To sustain the momentum we created The Fourth Way, a book
featuring the behaviours people had identified as essential to
bringing each value to life. 


Following the workshops:
99.7% of employees understand the purpose and values of Fourth
93% understand how to bring the purpose and values to life
89% of people feel proud to work at Fourth

“Fourth’s culture and values are at the heart of our success. We needed to ensure that this was preserved and protected as we grew. We worked with WE ARE Spectacular and Fathom to devise fun and thought-provoking workshops to bring our values to life and ensure we stayed true to the culture and values that have driven us since day one. We continue to run these workshops for all new employees. Their approach was robust and creative, and, crucially, translatable to offices around the world.”
Catherine Marshall
Communications Director


“The idea of what Fourth is as a brand and what we are promising to customers has become really clear.”


“Together we can achieve something much greater when we all apply our values. It’s really powerful.”