Employee experience is a team sport

Working in the people aspects of digital transformation for many years, it is great to see new research showing employee experience becoming a digital transformation priority. 

According to the research by VMWare, half of respondents say EX is on the rise as a digital transformation focus area. And more than half – 56 per cent – believe its importance will accelerate over the next 12 months.

That matters, because a seamless digital EX positively impacts business outcomes, including rate of growth, employee sentiment and talent recruitment. Not just that, providing what employees need, when they need it, helps organisations keep people longer and converts them into advocates. 

The prize is large. But where to start?

The HR IT gulf 

It is down to basics. 

A consistently compelling employee experience is a team effort that should be distributed across the organisation. It starts with a shared language and a shared understanding of what a compelling EX looks like for your people. 

So it’s worrying that given the pivotal role played by HR and IT, nearly 90 per cent of VMWare’s respondents – 6,500 IT, HR and employees worldwide – said the two had work to do to close the gap between them. 

If HR and IT aren’t aligned and can’t work together to improve the EX, it’s going to be an awful lot harder – read impossible – to make headway. 

Common language and understanding 

Perhaps we can help. Together with People Lab we’re running two masterclasses in July 2019 looking at how to create a compelling employee experience. 

Taking a human-centred approach, we will be helping attendees develop a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver the best employee experience in their organisation and the optimum approach for doing so. 

The masterclass is for anyone who needs to articulate the business case for creating a compelling EX and then deliver on it. Practical, insightful and tailored, the masterclass is a must for anyone who wants to drive the EX agenda in a meaningful way. 

The details

Sign up today and enjoy an early bird discount rate of £450 (available until 10th June). Email katie@peoplelab.co.uk for your unique discount code (discounts also for multiple places and voluntary / not-for-profits).

London – July 3rd , Business Design Centre 

Book London event here

Brighton – July 17th, 68 Middle Street 

Book Brighton event here


I hope to see you there. 

Belinda Gannaway




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